Even well-run businesses and their directors can find themselves caught in an investigation as to wrongdoing where a financial offence may have been committed, whether arising out of financial losses, tax issues or dealings with authorities or matters of international trade. If you or your business has been affected, you need legal advisers who are experienced in handling such matters with the ability to investigate, while all the time being sensitive to the reputational issues involved and acting with the utmost discretion in order to resolve the matter. Equally, if you have been the victim of fraud or financial crime, you need lawyers to assist who are experienced in carrying out investigations with the support of relevant professionals and in the recovery of assets.

Our lawyers are experienced in assisting companies and individuals, particularly directors, involved in matters relating to fraud and financial crime. Our lawyers are adept at managing investigations, working with private investigators and forensic accountants in order to determine the nature of the fraud and identify where the assets are located. We are experienced in bringing court proceedings to recover assets, including by obtaining worldwide freezing orders, search orders, disclosure orders and other relief from the English Courts to support proceedings in the UK and internationally.

What we advise on
  • fraud and embezzlement
  • bribery and corruption
  • money-laundering
  • directors’ disqualification
  • disciplinary and regulatory enforcement investigations
  • SFO investigations
  • HMRC tax enquiries, investigations and prosecution appeals

Meet our team

Jeremy Berg
Partner - Dispute Resolution
Prakash Patel
Partner – Commercial Dispute Resolution