A wide – and sometimes confusing – variety of work relationships can exist, ranging from full time employment to part-time, piece work, seasonal work, interns, volunteers and workers, consultants/ independent contractors, plus partners and limited liability partners. It is essential to have well drafted contracts of employment and consultancy contracts in place, which set out the worker’s role and rights and obligations.

Employment contracts, together with workplace rules and policies, permit employers and business owners to comply with their legal obligations to provide certain information to staff and can be helpful in communicating a clear statement of the standards of behaviour your organisation expects from its staff to create and maintain a harmonious workforce.

Our Employment law team is highly experienced in advising across a full range of employment and consultancy contracts, including issues arising on the sale of a business and the transfer of undertakings (TUPE) and on corporate restructuring and all issues concerning the workforce.

If an employee, worker, consultant or partner believes he or she is being treated unfairly, prevailing employment law may provide a framework to support that belief and provide a remedy. Our specialist Employment dispute resolution lawyers have extensive experience of advising businesses and their employees, workers and directors in respect of employment law rights and obligations, including the entitlement to be remunerated and treated fairly, contractual restrictive covenants, remedies in respect of discrimination and arising under whistleblowing provisions.

What we advise on
  • compensation and benefits
  • share options and incentive plans
  • breaches of directors’ duties
  • employment contracts, policies and staff handbooks
  • HR support and training
  • all types of employment litigation- unfair dismissal, discrimination, whistle-blowing
  • partnerships and LLPs
  • restrictive covenants and injunctions
  • TUPE transfers
  • business re-organisation/restructuring (UK and international projects)
Who we work with
  • businesses in wide range of sectors, including technology, fintech, construction and engineering, financial services, media, leisure, recruitment and not for profit, amongst others
  • individuals in relation to any claim that is related to their rights under employment law, including unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, whistle-blowing, contractual changes, recruitment issues and breach of contract for employees, self-employed and partners/limited liability partners

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Meet our team

Rukhsana Alam
Consultant - Commercial & Employment Law | Head of Law Reach - the Spencer West Referral Network
Jennifer Andrews
Partner - Employment
Nick Benson
Partner - Business Law
Jeremy Berg
Partner - Dispute Resolution
Kishan Bhatt
Partner - Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Corporate Advisory
Fiona Blakey
Partner - Employment.
Cyril Dennemont
Partner - International Employment and Business Law
Jasmin Dhillon
Partner - Employment and Immigration
Pam Dosanjh Phillips
Partner - Employment
Sue Farrow (formerly Sue El Hachmi)
Partner - Corporate, Employment & Employment Tax
Emma Gross
Partner – Employment, Data Protection
Naylah Hamour
Partner - Employment & Dispute Resolution
Bethan Jones
Partner - Employment
Hassan Kashwani
Lawyer – UAE
Jack Khurana
Partner – Commercial Dispute Resolution and Employment Law
Sharokh Koussari
Partner - Employment & Dispute Resolution
Amanda Lennon
Partner - Employment
Anne Mannix
Partner - Employment
Rosario Raposo Martínez
Partner – Employment
Justin Murray
Partner – City Disputes: Contentious Employment and Commercial Dispute Resolution
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Partner - Employment
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Partner – Employment
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Partner – Employment
Jazmine Stevenson (née Bernard)
Lawyer and Business Development – UAE
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Partner - Commercial Litigation, Employment Law
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Partner – Tax