Bina Gayadien

Bina is a personal tax and social security specialist with over 28 years’ experience of advising on cross-border employment matters.

She helps employers and their internationally mobile employees, cross-border workers and commuters deal with international tax and social security legislation as well as multi-jurisdictional compliance obligations.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • tax and social security advice regarding cross-border employment for employers and employees
  • International assignment planning, assignment policies and processes
  • Tax planning and compliance for non-domiciled individuals coming to work in the UK, including registration with UK authorities and tax filings
  • Payroll for non-resident employers, employers with dual payroll obligations, split payroll and employers with net pay arrangements (eg tax-equalised employees)
  • Tax requirements for remote workers
  • Year-end benefit reporting and employment tax advice
  • Business visitors policy and reporting
  • Expatriate tax, social security advisory and compliance, people issues for start-ups, business visitors policy and reporting, non-UK resident tax filings, remote workers, complex (cross-border) payroll.