Rosario Raposo Martínez

It has always been essential for me to contribute in the best interests of my clients, keeping in mind the bigger picture and helping them every step of the way.

Rosario is a multilingual employment lawyer with professional experience of covering every stage of the employment life cycle, advising on non-contentious and contentious matters for both employers and employees on topics such as workers’ compensation, termination of employment, harassment, workplace safety, wages and overtime standards, discrimination cases, holidays, substantial changes in working conditions and transfers of undertakings.

She has significant experience in the following:

  • individual employment matters, senior management arrangements, advanced compensation systems, labour relations and restructuring processes
  • litigation including appeals and any formalities required at any instance until a final judgment is obtained (courts, high courts, National Appellate Court, Supreme Court)
  • negotiations with work councils and trade unions within collective proceedings
  • assistance before the labour inspection authorities in matters involving assessments for social security contribution deficiencies or proceedings for notified labour or occupational risk prevention infringements, or any other proceeding
  • assisting and advising HR departments in employment related matters, which includes on how to avoid grievances and disciplinary/dismissal issues
  • advising employers and employees on the enforceability of confidentiality agreements and non-compete clauses
  • drafting contracts of employment and service agreements
  • advising companies on restructuring exercises, redundancies and employment issues arising from insolvency or other causes, temporary redundancy schemes (ERTE/furlough).

Where elements of foreign law are involved, she works with advisers in other jurisdictions in providing a comprehensive service to her clients.

She is a member of the Labour Tribunal of Catalonia acting as a conciliator in conflicts between employer and employees.

She is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association.

Practice Areas

Employment Law