Martyn Davis writes about the legal challenges facing Oak National Academy in Schools Week

The Government plans to re-launch Oak National Academy as a new government arm’s-length body (ALB) providing free curriculum resources this autumn. However, it will start with a “drastically reduced curriculum” after United Learning decided not to sign over its intellectual property. 

In his article published in Schools Week, Education Law Consultant Martyn Davis highlights the multitude of legal challenges Oak National Academy and the government may face, which will ultimately put further strain on public funds and affect teachers and learners.

In addition to issues concerning several areas of intellectual property legislation, the expectation that educational institutions will be required to buy the license for the products will open it to civil challenges for abuses of market power relating to the Competitions Act, with a judicial review also being sought by the British Educational Suppliers Assosiation (BESA) about the decision to award Oak £43 million.

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