Rukhsana Alam writes about supporting employees through Ramadan in People Management

Rukhsana Alam
29 March 2023

With Ramadan currently being observed throughout the world, fasting through daylight hours can present challenges for employees working through this period of prayer, reflection, and community.

Writing in People Management magazine, Commercial and Employment Consultant Solicitor Rukhsana Alam has put together a guide for employers to ensure they can support their employees through Ramadan.

Covering all you need to know about the month of fasting, this helpful article explains what happens during the month, how employers can accommodate the needs of their employees and also provides insight into how to remain respectful of those observing Ramadan. 

Discussing the importance of treating Muslim colleagues with respect, Rukhsana notes: “It is also a good idea to include information on Ramadan as part of your diversity training, as it will help all employees gain a deeper understanding of what is involved.”

Read the article in People Management magazine here.

Rukhsana Alam
Consultant - Commercial & Employment Law | Head of Law Reach - the Spencer West Referral Network
Rukhsana Alam is a Consultant Solicitor at Spencer West and spearheads Law Reach, the Spencer West Referral Network. She specialises in employment and commercial law. She has excellent broad commercial and corporate experience from a range of sectors.