Anne-Marie Hamer

I am delighted to be joining an exciting family team and Spencer West. My focus is to make sure the client feels comfortable, confident, so that they have a clear focus on the way ahead. I like to provide a realistic and positive approach, so that a client feels in control of the next steps.

Anne-Marie is a family lawyer and a Collaborative Lawyer, with over 14 years’ experience in family law. Anne-Marie is regarded as a Legal 500 Lawyer and has worked for some of the top 50 law firms in the UK.

She has handled a wealth of private family law cases, including high net worth cases with international assets. Whilst Anne-Marie is a litigation lawyer, she is also a Collaborative Lawyer and will incorporate those specialist skills where it is of assistance. Her focus and approach to any given case is tailored carefully.

Anne-Marie is also a specialist Surrogacy Lawyer, where she has been instructed on international issues surrounding surrogacy. In this ever-growing area of law Anne-Marie is understanding of the client’s needs and her patient approach sets her above the rest.