Clare Waller

With a career spanning more than 20 years as an in-house lawyer and senior manager, Clare has extensive knowledge and understanding of international legal and business scenarios in various industries and sectors. Most recently working in-house as Chief Lawyer for a multi-national, major global player in the aerospace, defence, and security industry, handling a general company commercial and procurement caseload, Clare has provided negotiation and business expertise in customer and supply chain discussions for both public and private enterprises and functioned as the legal lead in complex and high value projects, including several international projects conducted overseas in the energy sector. Prior to that role, Clare gained considerable experience both as a company secretary and as trusted legal advisor to the board of directors and their commercial and operational teams.

Clare is excellent at seeing the black and white of contractual and legal issues, but proficiency gained through her time as head of a commercial department enables her to see the grey in between, to give commercially pragmatic guidance and advice, employing a flexible attitude and managing and advising on risk profiles and strategic relationships. This makes Clare a skilled, patient, and equitable negotiator in the commercial arena.

Through accreditation as a mediator and application of conflict resolution techniques, Clare has become adept in facilitating conversations between people who find themselves in conflict. Using the Dialogue Road Map methodology, Clare collaborates with individuals and groups struggling with conflicting relationships, be they work colleagues, family members or business partners. Through a safe and supported process, she helps them find their own pragmatic and well-reasoned solutions, resolving communication breakdowns in a non-confrontational manner.