Hudda Sara Morgan

It is always a great honour to be trusted with this important role in a family’s life. If something matters to my clients, it matters to me.

Hudda acts for clients all over the world, wherever there is an English estate or assets that need dealing with, particularly estates between Ireland and England.

Hudda’s clients benefit from her nearly 30 years of experience. She is used to dealing with estates of all sizes and complexity – those with businesses, farms, estates with complicated family dynamics, insolvent estates & everything in between.  She is known for being knowledgeable, approachable & practical, with a rigorous eye for detail.  Hudda often acts for several generations of the same family providing reassuring advice at the most difficult and stressful of times. Hudda’s aim is to give her clients the benefit of all her experience, having navigated the process many times before.

Hudda has excellent working relationships with other lawyers in this field, accountants, financial advisers & useful contacts on whom to call- ultimately Hudda’s clients have their problems solved in the quickest way, saving time and money.

How Hudda can help you –

  • Arranging asset valuations.
  • Entering a caveat to prevent a Grant from issuing.
  • Obtaining a Grant of Probate or Grant of Representation.
  • Renunciations or reserving power to non proving executors.
  • Filing inheritance returns.
  • Mitigating inheritance tax and/or capital gains tax.
  • Filing income tax returns both for the person who has passed away & the estate.
  • Arranging protections for executors & personal representatives against personal liability.
  • Asset/share encashment or transfers.
  • Drawing up estate accounts showing beneficiaries how their inheritance has been calculated.
  • Providing beneficiaries with required tax information.
  • Drawing up Deeds of Variation or Family Arrangement, redirecting inheritances.
  • Renunciations.
  • Tracing unknown beneficiaries and/or arranging missing beneficiary insurance.
  • Ancillary services such as registering the estate with the TRS where needed, dealing with property sales, and much more.

Hudda and her colleagues also give advice on – • Wills • Powers of Attorney & issues about illness & incapacity; • Assisting with the general administration of financial affairs; • Court of Protection • Trusts & advice for trustees; • Preservation of assets.

Hudda is a Dementia Friend and has worked alongside local and national charities such as the Alzheimer’s Society to raise money and awareness in this field.