Kishan Bhatt

Kishan Bhatt manages a large team of highly effective lawyers in various practice areas including real estate, corporate/commercial, employment/HR, and dispute resolution. He is continually looking to recruit new lawyers to join his team and in particular those consultant lawyers that require business development support and opportunities for lead generation on his legal tech platform.

After a successful career specialising in employment law, dispute resolution and corporate/commercial law, Kishan now specifically specialises in mediation, arbitration, and negotiation. He is a Solicitor-Advocate and has represented his clients in the past in Courts, Tribunals and Arbitrations. 

Kishan is now focusing on mediation and negotiation as two areas that he is truly passionate about as he believes alternative ways of resolving disputes are far better than a Judge deciding a case in Court. 

He also has a keen interest in advising businesses on corporate/commercial work and has helped advise many businesses on reorganisations, restructures, and acquisitions.