Rich Risino

Rich is Private Client Advisory Partner advising individuals and families on the personal tax and personal legal issues relevant to their tax and estate planning needs and requirements, principally during lifetime but also on death, regardless of complexity or value.  

In having spent considerable time working with both lay and professional trustees, Rich has significant experience in all trust related matters on the commercial and private client side.  Instructions range from family trust creation through to assisting with the drafting of employee benefit, employee ownership and trusts involved in corporate transactions.

Much of Rich’s practice centres on long standing relationships, built over time with a close network of advisers, individuals and families.  Those relationships very often involve business interests and assets in more than one jurisdiction.  Rich is familiar with the commercial drivers and corporate tax issues relevant to an individual and their businesses tax position.  He is often instructed as a “safe pair of hands” by other professionals and advisers on the legal execution of tax and strategic advice rendered by others.

A particular interest of Rich’s is in advising clients with interests in South Africa, most often where there is a nexus to the UK.

A passionate advocate of dealing with all personal legal issues with pragmatism, care and certainty, Rich focuses on building relationships from the smallest of cornerstone planning issues to navigating more complex cross border and challenging estate planning circumstances.