Richard Gilbert

For over 25 years, Richard has developed a specialism in family law as well as contested trust and probate cases. For many years, he headed up the family law offering at an office of a well-known firm in southern Hertfordshire.

Richard deals with financial cases of all sizes, including those with a high net worth and/or an international element to them.

He qualified as a collaborative lawyer with Resolution in 2008 and endeavours to bring those skills to all his cases – he believes that this model can work (where appropriate) in cases involving family members, not just partners and spouses.

Richard is equally at home helping parents resolve their differences involving their children, whether that is in relation to who the children live with, how often they see their other parent or dealing with financial claims under Schedule 1 of the Children Act.

He works with married and unmarried couples and has had experience of cases involving complex domestic settings.

Richard also has extensive experience of bringing claims against estates. Whether that is to challenge the validity of a Will, bringing a claim for someone disappointed with what they have been left or because they have been disinherited or left nothing, as well as cases involving the administration of an estate. He also deals with disputes between co-owners of a property where they cannot agree on whether a property should be sold or on the size of each other’s interest in the property.

Richard’s aim is to enable couples to separate with dignity wherever possible. He will consider alternative methods of dispute resolution if this is appropriate. Proactive and imaginative with his approach to each situation, Richard will conduct a case proportionately to the issues involved, but if need be he will go to court, if the case and the client require it.