Suzie Stanley

At the heart of every dispute there are clients whose lives have been affected by what they have come to you about. It is a privilege to be asked to help them and be given an insight into their business, whether personal or professional. Throughout the process my goal is to be practical, pragmatic, and approachable, but I tell clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear!

Suzie is a highly-knowledgeable and approachable solicitor. Known for her pragmatic and commercial advice, she has a wealth of experience in commercial and residential property-related disputes.  

Suzie is an attentive, client-focussed lawyer and her strategic and commercial thinking has earned her the trust of her clients, colleagues and contacts alike. Suzie works closely with her clients to understand their objectives and provide a practical and cost-effective path culminating in a successful outcome to their dispute. She pays meticulous attention to detail and is always looking for innovative solutions to complex problems.

Suzie has a strong business acumen combined with keen problem assessment skills; she has an ability to quickly pinpoint the crux of a dispute, meaning she can always look to protect her clients’ interests and often unlock creative solutions in the early course of instruction. Her empathetic approach means that her clients always feel that their interests are at the heart of any negotiation.

Suzie has advised on litigation in the County Court, High Court and First Tier Tribunal, although Court is only used as a last resort.  Whilst she remains a fierce litigator and is well-known for her no-nonsense approach, Suzie regularly recommends mediation as a form of dispute resolution where negotiation has otherwise failed to produce a result. 

Her areas of expertise are:

Commercial Property Dispute Resolution including but not limited to:

• Landlord & Tenant

• Recovery of rent & service charge arrears

• Dilapidations, alteration & repair

• Lease termination: Forfeiture, surrender, break notices, and notices to quit

• Lease Renewals

• Breach of contracts to purchase land

• Joint venture disputes

• Restrictive Covenants

Residential Property Dispute Resolution including but not limited to:

• Landlord & Tenant

• Repossessions 

• Dilapidations, alterations & repair

• Recovery of rent & Service Charge arrears

• Boundary Disputes

• Party Walls Disputes

• Trusts of Land Claims

• Removal of Squatters, Trespassers & Travellers

• Rights of Way & easements

• Restrictive covenants

Suzie spends her spare time doing a myriad of activities.  Living close to the beach with a nature reserve in close proximity provides hours of endless fun.  In the past Suzie has played rugby, and remains an avid follower of the sport.