Business visitors to the UK – What companies need to know about immigration and tax

In this interactive session, immigration and tax experts will provide your company with the tools required to support business visits to the UK. The session will be useful to companies sending business visitors to the UK as a first step to establishing a UK entity. This webinar will also be useful to established UK companies inviting business associates to visit the UK. 

Samar Shams, Immigration and Global Mobility Partner at Spencer West, will explain what business activities someone can undertake in the UK as a visitor. You will learn to discern the fine line between permitted business activities and prohibited work. Samar will also set out the relevant application and entry processes.

Charlotte Hobrough, Senior Manager within BDO’s Global Employer Services practice, will explain why UK resident employers with business visitors should sign up for a Short Term Business Visitors Agreement in order for them to access the relaxation to the operation of the PAYE rules. Charlotte will set out the relevant rules and related obligations that arise in this area.

With travel routes starting to open, businesses will now be considering their approach to business travel. Having the right processes in place will be vital if unintended consequences are to be avoided.  Join us for this engaging session to help your business plan the next steps as global restrictions lift.

To view the webinar please watch the video here:

Speaker Profiles


Samar Shams
Partner – Immigration and Global Mobility
Samar Shams is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in corporate & commercial immigration, sponsorship of skilled workers, spousal applications, entrepreneur and investor routes, citizenship and global mobility.

+44 (0)20 7925 8080


Charlotte Hobrough

Senior Manager – Expatriate Tax – Global Employer Services
Charlotte Hobrough is a Senior Manager at BDO. She specialises in expatriate tax issues, advising individuals and employers on the tax and social security implications of international assignments, expatriate payroll issues, business traveller compliance and remote workers.

+44 (0) 7583 025394