Intellectual Property partner Jowanna Conboye comments on IP in leading business magazine

Jowanna Conboye
30 November 2021

Jowanna Conboye, an Intellectual Property, Technology and Commercial Partner with Spencer West, has shared her expertise with South West Business Insider for a feature on intellectual property.

She discussed the web of IP rights that can help to protect a business’s brand, products and services.

Jowanna also highlighted the main triggers for a business to think about IP, which include starting up or launching a new product, or seeking investment. She said:

“IP has an impact on the bottom line and is an important part of a business valuation. Having proper IP protection in place is an indication that you are running your company well and helps with securing and attracting investment.”

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Jowanna Conboye
Partner - Intellectual Property; Technology; Commercial
Jowanna Conboye is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in Intellectual property, trade marks, patents, licencing; information technology, software development, licence agreements, outsourcing, commercial contracts, B2B, B2C, online sales, GDPR, data sharing agreements, processor/controller agreements.