Justin Murray discusses neurodiversity and hybrid workplaces

Justin Murray
17 March 2022

Hybrid working is now widespread due to extended periods of remote working during the pandemic. While the flexibility is welcomed by many, for some neurodivergent people hybrid working can bring challenges.

Our employment partner Justin Murray discusses the issues and what employers should consider in an article for People Management.

Justin explains: “When planning and refining your approach to hybrid working, thought should be given to how it can be adapted for neurodivergent staff. The starting point for any employer is to educate themselves about neurodiversity and neurodivergent conditions. They also need to be clear on their obligations – under the Equality Act 2010, but also on a broader social and ethical level.”

Justin goes on to discuss how employers can become more inclusive and the access to work funding that may be available.

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Justin Murray
Partner – City Disputes: Contentious Employment and Commercial Dispute Resolution
Justin Murray is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. He specialises in City Disputes: Contentious Employment and Commercial Dispute Resolution.