Monkeypox – Judith Rhule outlines issues for employers

Judith Rhule
27 May 2022

As cases of monkeypox increase in the UK and around the world, how should employers react?

Our employment partner Judith Rhule explains the key issues in an article for HR News.

Judith describes the health and safety and sick pay requirements. She also highlights potential for discrimination claims, explaining:

“Misinformation about the disease is spreading on social media; and employers will need to be careful that they do not make assumptions that staff from the African or gay and bi-sexual communities are more likely to bring the virus into the work place. Employers should not treat staff from these communities less favourably. If they do, they may be exposing themselves to the risk of a claim for race and / or sexual orientation discrimination.”

Read the article in HR News here.

Judith’s comments were also featured in articles in both Personnel Today and HR Grapevine (subscription only).

Judith Rhule
Partner – Employment
Judith Rhule is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in disciplinary, grievance, safer recruitment, whistle blowing, working time, wages claims, TUPE, redundancy, contracts, restrictive covenants, discrimination claims, unfair dismissal claims, trade union recognition, rights of trade union members.