Press Release | Spencer West Breaks New Ground: Unveiling Dynamic Legal Solutions in the Heart of Johannesburg

Sanusha Govender & Antoine West
23 January 2024
Spencer West Expands its Global Footprint with the Launch of New Offices in South Africa, Led by Founding Partner Sanusha Govender

Spencer West, a leading international law firm, is thrilled to announce the establishment of its new offices in South Africa, strategically positioned to cater to the growing demand for legal services in the region. Spearheading this expansion is the highly accomplished Founding Partner, Sanusha Govender, a seasoned legal professional with over 18 years of experience.

Sanusha Govender brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Spencer West’s South African operations. Her extensive background in corporate, general commercial, mining regulatory, notarial, and conveyancing matters positions her as a trusted advisor in the legal landscape.

With a keen understanding of the mining industry and regulatory processes, Spencer West in South Africa will not only be a full-service law firm to both the local and international markets, it will be a leading provider of comprehensive services to companies operating in the mining sector. Embracing a vision of sustainability, Spencer West is dedicated to fostering environmentally responsible practices. As part of our comprehensive services, we are committed to advising and guiding companies on adhering to sustainable principles in their operations. This includes navigating the complexities of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, facilitating the acquisition and disposal of mining companies or assets, providing expert opinions on mining titles, conducting thorough due diligence investigations, and actively collaborating with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) to ensure that our clients align with and contribute to sustainable practices in the mining industry.

Sanusha Govender, the driving force behind Spencer West’s expansion in South Africa, expressed her enthusiasm about joining the firm.

Sanusha said: “I am thrilled to lead Spencer West’s expansion into South Africa, bringing a fresh perspective to the legal landscape. Having worked in leading traditional law firms for most of my career, I see the value of Spencer West’s innovative business model and principles. Joining this phenomenal team is not only an exciting professional journey for me but also an opportunity to redefine the way traditional law firms operate in South Africa. I look forward to leveraging our global expertise to provide tailored solutions to our clients and to contribute to the growth and success of Spencer West in this dynamic market.”

Sanusha’s primary focus is on recruiting partners with proven technical expertise to further strengthen the firm and expand its reach across different provinces in South Africa.

Antoine West, Managing Partner at Spencer West added: “As we embark on this exciting venture into South Africa, we are confident that Sanusha Govender’s leadership will play a pivotal role in the success of Spencer West in the region. The expansion into Johannesburg aligns with our commitment to providing top-notch legal services globally. We believe that Sanusha’s experience and dedication, coupled with our firm’s principles, will not only meet the needs of our clients in South Africa but also bring a transformative approach to the legal industry. This marks a significant milestone in Spencer West’s journey, and we are eager to contribute to the vibrant business landscape in South Africa.”

Spencer West prides itself on its Partner-led practices, where work is directly performed by experienced lawyers with in-depth knowledge of clients’ sectors and interests. Clients can expect tailored, expert advice and solutions from a phenomenal team of lawyers with a global perspective.


Sanusha Govender
Partner - Commercial, Corporate & Mining
Sanusha Govender is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in Corporate, Commercial. Mining Regulatory, Notary Public, Conveyancer and High-Level Litigation.
Antoine West
Managing Partner - Co-Founder
Antoine West is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. He specialises corporate and commercial, construction claims, commercial dispute resolution & professional negligence.