Retired RICS Surveyor Triumphs Against John Lewis PLC in Guarantee Lawsuit

Blake O’Donnell
9 August 2023
A Retired FCIOB Chartered Construction Manager & Chartered Environmentalist, has successfully sued John Lewis PLC for its failure to honour a 7-year guarantee. The case sheds light on the challenges faced by consumers seeking refunds for high-end items from large retailers. 


John Lewis PLC adamantly refused to honour a guarantee in relation to a premium high-end mattress, citing the manufacturer’s expert opinion that the product had not suffered any defects but rather had experienced fair wear and tear. However, the retired Construction Manager, armed his own evidence demonstrating that the mattress was failing to provide the guaranteed support after 18 months, pressed forward with the lawsuit, ultimately prevailing in the Shoreditch and Clerkenwell County Court. 


Commenting on the case, Blake O’Donnell of Spencer West LLP, the solicitors representing the claimant, expressed concern over John Lewis’s failure to address the customer’s legitimate request for repair or replacement. O’Donnell remarked, “I took an interest in this case because of John Lewis’s strange mishandling of the customer’s rightful claim, and I believe this may be a widespread issue faced by individuals seeking refunds on high-end items. I strongly encourage anyone experiencing similar problems with John Lewis guarantees to contact us. 


This ruling highlights the importance of upholding the rights of consumers and ensuring that companies meet their obligations to customers, particularly when it comes to premium products accompanied by substantial guarantees. The case serves as a stark reminder to retailers that dismissing valid customer complaints is not an acceptable practice and will be met with legal consequences. 


John Lewis PLC was represented by Womble Bond Dickinson in the case. 

Blake O’Donnell
Partner - Cryptoassets and Real Estate
Blake O'Donnell is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. He specialises in commercial real estate and is highly experienced with financing, restructurings, disposals in contentious scenarios and handling estate transactions of over £1 billion.