Samar Shams writes for People Management on labour shortages and immigration

Samar Shams
10 February 2022

The UK’s labour shortages were a major issue in 2021, affecting employers across many sectors. The shortages were caused by Brexit and Covid-19, among other factors, and look set to continue in 2022.

Our immigration and global mobility partner Samar Shams discusses the issues in People Management and suggests what the government could do to help.

Samar comments: “The government could easily help many businesses by recognising labour shortages, making all roles in shortage eligible to be filled by sponsored, non-UK workers and reducing fees and hurdles within the sponsorship system for employers filling roles in shortage.”

Samar points to the potential for the shortage occupation list to help, saying: “The shortage occupation list is a ready tool within the existing immigration framework that can be used to alleviate labour shortages quickly.”

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