Spencer West Bermuda Team feature on Bermuda Economic Development Corporation’s podcast

Orchid Lee & Heidi Daniels-Roque
23 August 2022

Having recently announced the official launch of our Bermuda offices, Spencer West Partners Orchid Lee and Heidi Daniels-Roque sat down with Jamillah Lodge, host of radio talk and podcast show “Mind Your Business”, to discuss business, the law, and growing a firm with a totally unique culture.


Talking about expanding the team, Managing Partner Orchid emphasised they look for an entrepreneurial approach, saying potential candidates must have: “The right mindset and connection with the clients and the right approach to your work, and your relationships because at the end of the day, when you have a client, it’s all about forming that relationship with that client and maintaining that relationship.”


Orchid was also keen to emphasise their different approach to client support, stating that they are careful to ensure that when contacting the office, clients can speak directly to their lawyer. They also prioritise being in direct contact with their clients adapting to whichever communication tool feels the most appropriate, even making use of WhatsApp. 


Watch the full interview here

Heidi Daniels-Roque
Partner – Corporate & Commercial
Heidi Daniels-Roque is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in Corporate financing & refinancing, member’s voluntary liquidations, company restorations, mutual funds, continuances to Bermuda, discontinuances from Bermuda, work permits and intellectual property law.