Sponsor duties: It’s all fun and games until someone loses the right to work

Samar Shams
14 March 2022

Sponsoring non-UK nationals to work in the UK is popular as UK businesses compete for talent. Immigration and Global Mobility expert Samar Shams recently hosted a webinar where she shared guidance on compliance duties, recordkeeping duties and reporting duties.

Whether your organisation has a sponsor licence or is considering applying for one, this webinar gives you an understanding of what the Home Office expects of sponsors. We cover questions such as;

  • What type of certificate of sponsorship should you use? 
  • Is the proposed role eligible for sponsorship? 
  • Is the proposed candidate eligible? 
  • What documents of recruitment do you need on file, now that advertising is no longer required to support sponsorship of Skilled Workers?
  • Are you sure that your sponsored worker ‘activated’ their visa?
  • It is 10am on a Tuesday. Do you know where your Skilled Worker is?

We are committed to supporting organisations that want to treat their employees well. When it comes to sponsored workers, that includes fulfilling sponsor duties. Otherwise, their right to work is at risk and so is the organisation’s ability to sponsor workers. Fines and even criminal penalties could be imposed.

Watch our webinar here –