Blake O’Donnell

I have worked on complex international commercial real estate transactions for over 10 years in some of the most difficult market conditions. I understand and appreciate the challenges and risks clients face in their business and am very focused on finding solutions often against the odds, against opposition with large resources.

After earning a first-class honors degree in law from University College Dublin, Blake O’Donnell embarked on a distinguished legal career. He honed his expertise at renowned institutions, commencing with A&L Goodbody, a top-tier Irish firm. Over the course of 15 years, his journey has spanned various legal landscapes, including stints at another esteemed Irish law firm and his own legal practice, before becoming a vital part of Spencer West.

Blake’s extensive experience revolves around real estate transactions, financings, and restructurings, with a cumulative value exceeding £1 billion across multiple jurisdictions. His reach extends to the UK, USA, France, Sweden, and his native Ireland. Notably, he is a specialist in real estate financing, restructuring, and disposals, particularly within contentious scenarios. His legal acumen has led him to manage litigation cases in the Superior Courts of England, the British Virgin Islands, Sweden, France, Switzerland, and Ireland.

What sets Blake apart is his holistic understanding of real estate. He approaches it not only from a legal standpoint but also through a commercial lens. His multifaceted involvement encompasses arranging financings, overseeing construction projects, conducting sales processes, and skillfully negotiating restructurings. Blake offers strategic legal counsel borne from personal involvement in substantial real estate transactions, positioning him not just as a lawyer but as a principal practitioner. His clientele consists of prominent real estate developers and high-net-worth individuals.

In addition to his illustrious real estate career, Blake O’Donnell is also the author of “Cryptocurrency and Financial Law in the UK” (Bloomsbury 2024). This authoritative work delves into all facets of cryptocurrency, including its definition, regulatory intricacies, and taxation. For a comprehensive guide to the legal framework surrounding cryptocurrency in the UK, explore his book at:

It’s an indispensable resource for legal practitioners, policymakers, and academics seeking profound insights into the legal terrain of cryptocurrency and finance within the UK.