Tony Pearce

Tony Pearce assists clients in relation to disputes over the validity, interpretation, rectification of a will, a codicil or a trust.

He acts for clients seeking to correct injustices and/or recover losses arising as a result of maladministration or financial abuse committed by executors and trustees. This includes preparing and pursuing claims for clients seeking the removal and potential substitution of executors and trustees.

Tony assists clients resolve problems and recover losses resulting from the financial abuse of an elderly or infirm family member. It is sadly not uncommon for relatives or those trusted by an elderly person to use deceit and modern methods of “control”, such as internet banking, to carry out fraud.

He advises clients who claim ownership of, or a beneficial interest in, property or assets held, or believed to be held, in trust. He provides advice and assistance to those entitled to pursue or who are affected by a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. He frequently works with clients who have, or might experience, cross-jurisdictional trust, estate and property issues. It is relatively common for people to hold assets in different jurisdictions with more than one will and trust in place recording their intentions on death. Many problems can arise in relation to tax, the movement of assets and the transfer of assets to those intended to benefit. Tony works with lawyers in jurisdictions outside England and Wales as required.

Where possible Tony assists clients resolve disputes using judicial early neutral evaluation or by non-judicial means such as mediation in order to achieve the best outcome.

Before he decided to become a lawyer Tony served in HM Commando Forces, later as a diver, outward-bound instructor and sales executive for a former “blue chip” company.

In October 2022, Tony was appointed to the Trust Law Committee of The New Zealand Law Association in New Zealand for a two-year term.

Over the past 30+ years Tony has gained experience in almost all types of legal dispute. In the mid-1990’s he decided to specialise as a solicitor in order to assist clients resolve often complex probate and trust disputes, in his own words “…to absorb myself fully into this fascinating area of law.” He has never regretted his decision to specialise in an area that is often challenging both legally and evidentially.

Tony’s aim is to assist his client achieve the best possible result and in doing so give practical advice on the law and potential outcomes with an eye firmly on legal costs.