After COVID-19: As a Contractor – are you prepared?

Our online panel discussion considered the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the construction industry in the UK.  In particular, it provided practical and relevant advice to contractors and sub-contractors on what they can be doing now to help them prepare for a return to “normality” (whenever that may be and whatever that may look like).  

The panel discussion was chaired by Justine Brazil who asked her fellow panel members Elizabeth Vago, Nigel Croxford and Alexander Hickey QC pertinent questions on issues currently facing contractors impacted by Covid-19.  In particular, the panel considered:

  • What are the sorts of relief that a contractor can claim under its construction contract?
  • Why is it important to review what your contract states now?
  • If a contractor cannot work safely on site should it carry on working?
  • What steps should a contractor or sub-contractor be taking to protect itself (both now, and in the future)?



Justine Brazil: Spencer West (Partner, Construction, Commercial and Company Secretary Services)

Elizabeth Vago: Spencer West (Partner, Infrastructure Projects, Renewable Energy & General Commercial)

Nigel Croxford: Spencer West (Chartered Construction Manager, Arbitrator, Dispute Resolution Expert, and Health & Safety Practitioner)

Alexander Hickey QC:  4 Pump Court (International Arbitration, Commercial Litigation, Construction, Energy and Natural Resources, and Professional Negligence)


If you would like a link to the webinar recording please contact Justine Brazil below who would be happy to share the video link with you.