CLIENT CASE STUDY: Asia Robotics Start-up

Dhana Doobay
6 October 2022
The Client


The client is a tech start up, specialised in designing, producing and distributing of autonomous robots for workplaces. The lead founder is experienced in successful start-up in IT sectors, and his team is prepared for full operation, ranging from software engineering, hardware development and sales directing. Due to Covid-19, usage of robots at workplaces and homes became more prevalent than ever. With focus on build quality and usability, the award-winning robots are already being used in major shopping malls, hotels and workplaces in Hong Kong and Japan. With investments and partnerships with big names in land development sector, the Client expects rapid growth in the market. 


Our work


Our work has been to advise on fundraising, including, but not limited to, project financing, IPO, and private placing.  We consider ourselves being more than a legal adviser and provide comprehensive and in-depth legal advice from the perspective of both legal adviser and business partner. We adopt a flexible approach, catering for various commercial needs of the clients and do our best in achieving the goals throughout the projects. For instance, we connected the client with renowned asset management company and interested stakeholders. We were thrilled to see an internationally recognised bank entering into the client’s project as a long-term partner. The client relied heavily on our services and we were happy to be a part of client’s success in the market. 

This Client Case Study was written in Summer 2022 by Dr. Edmond Fong – Founder & Managing Partner of Fong Lawyers, Hong Kong.

Fong Lawyers work in association with Spencer West LLP.

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Dhana Doobay
Partner – Telecoms, Media & Technology
Dhana Doobay is a Partner at Spencer West. She specialises in Telecoms, Media & Technology, Cloud and digital services, Network-sharing and infrastructure projects, International “best practice” regulatory strategy, Mobile ecosystems and Strategic partnerships