Dhana Doobay discusses how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is impacting telecoms with Mobile Europe

Dhana Doobay
28 March 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is already having a major impact on telecoms. Mobile Europe considers the issues and our head of Telecoms, Media and Technology Dhana Doobay shares her views.

Dhana describes the Ukranian telecoms response to the invasion as “systematic and front footed”, crediting “a progressive digital transformation minister and Ukrainian regulator, which mounted immediate initiatives to limit the impact of the war”.

Dhana also highlights the risk of attack on international submarine cables by Russia, commenting: “There could also be a knock-on impact on global communications connectivity, which can’t be ignored. It is a real threat as a post-war reinforcement of its powerplay.”

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Dhana Doobay
Partner – Telecoms, Media & Technology
Dhana Doobay is a Partner at Spencer West. She specialises in Telecoms, Media & Technology, Cloud and digital services, Network-sharing and infrastructure projects, International “best practice” regulatory strategy, Mobile ecosystems and Strategic partnerships