Amanda Lennon raises concerns about implications of landmark sex discrimination case in International Employment Lawyer

Amanda Lennon
2 August 2021

Employment Partner Amanda Lennon has been featured in International Employment Lawyer with an op-ed piece on the landmark employment tribunal case won by two male white directors of media agency Wunderman Thompson. A tribunal found they were subject to sex discrimination and victimisation as they had been made redundant after complaining that a presentation about the agency’s culture used discriminatory language.

In the article, Amanda considers how organisations in male-dominated sectors can improve diversity without risking such claims, noting, “Despite diversity being proven to drive innovation and better decision-making, the advertising industry – like many other sectors – has a long way to go. JWT was right to promote change, but this case shows the challenge of implementing change without alienating the majority.” She also raises concerns that the case will will damage progress in this area, making firms fearful of pushing for significant change.

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Amanda Lennon
Partner - Employment
Amanda Lennon is a Partner at Spencer West, specialising in all aspects of employment law.