Amanda Lennon comments on the how businesses can prepare for rolling blackouts in People Management magazine.

Amanda Lennon
25 October 2022

With the National Grid issuing a warning of potential rolling blackouts and power outages to UK businesses this winter, an article published by People Management magazine examines the impact and discusses how best to prepare.

Discussing the preparations and planning that employers must take into consideration, Employment Law Partner Amanda Lennon noted how employers should take into consideration how the blackouts will impact internet connectivity,especially for those working from home, as well as how the blackouts could affect deadlines, stating: “Employees should not be penalised for performance if it is impacted by a blackout,” further adding “Good employers will start communicating with staff early on about how the blackouts could impact their business and workplaces, and the support or considerations they will put in place for employees as a result.”

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Amanda Lennon
Partner - Employment
Amanda Lennon is a Partner at Spencer West, specialising in all aspects of employment law.