Flexible working – the way forward

David Morton
9 March 2022

During the course of the last 2 years, while dealing with the restrictions and lockdown caused by the pandemic, we, as office workers, have become adept at working from home, delivering transactions, support and advice to our clients remotely.

Even five years ago that would have been inconceivable. However, with the continuing development of technology and the availability of virtual meetings through Zoom/Teams calls (and love them or loathe them, they have been indispensable in fostering some degree of normal working relations, both internally within teams and externally with clients) we have been able to meet our clients’ requirements and provide our services on a seamless basis.

As COVID restrictions are being lifted there is finally the prospect of returning to a degree of normality. But what is that actually going to look like in our brave new world? A large number of workers will have become used to the idea of home working and will not be relishing the return to office commuting and the rigidity of the 9-5 (at least!).

Here at Spencer West we are already ahead of the curve on these matters. Our practice has always been built around flexibility of working; there are no requirements as to when, where or how you work as long as it provides an excellent service to our clients. We are not hidebound by timesheets or minimum chargeable hours targets – our focus is on delivering a great job for our clients. How that is achieved is entirely up to the individual partners. We can adopt whatever working pattern works for us and our clients, freed from the restrictions of office “presenteeism”.

What is important at Spencer West is the firm operating as a community, based on core values of excellence, business experience and collaboration. Those principles are completely capable of being applied in a flexible manner for the benefit of the Firm, its individual partners and our clients.

If you are a partner (or a senior associate with partner aspirations) and would be interested in discussing further the Spencer West model and how its flexible working arrangements could benefit you, please get in touch with me.

David Morton
Partner - Finance
David Morton is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. He specialises in all aspects of transactional finance, acting for lenders and borrowers.