Tech Case Study: PropTech Start-up

Edmund Probert
1 May 2022

The Client

The client is a well-funded start up in the Estate Agency support sector and the lead founder is an experienced and successful estate agent. He saw that the whole sector has an outdated management style that arises from the failure of the sector to embrace technology. The client’s new technology allows the agent to see the pipeline, the work that needs to be done and the issues arising on a daily basis. Not only does this allow sophisticated management of all the processes within and without an agency but it integrates with a new app that allows reporting and communicating with each vendor. The project is currently in beta trials. 

Our work

Our work has been to advise on the relationship with the software house (which started informally before we were instructed) and to turn that into a properly documented agreement including appropriate standards without upsetting the relationship with the software house. This we have achieved by taking the changes step by step and not requiring too many changes at once – throughout the changes have been instigated by us – the client relied heavily on us as to what were appropriate standards. We also advised on the subscription models for users and created the agreement itself. The client relied heavily on our IT/IP expertise since they had no experience of these matters

Edmund Probert
Partner – Commercial Law, IT Contracts & Intellectual Property
Edmund Probert is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. He specialises in Commercial Law, IT Contracts, Intellectual Property, Outsourcing and technology contracts.