The UK’s Future Immigration System

Samar Shams
30 March 2020

With only months to go before the UK’s future immigration system takes effect on 1 January 2021, you should understand the visas that will be available for non-UK nationals. 

Watch business immigration expert Samar Shams for her webinar on the new visas planned for sponsored skilled workers, entrepreneurs and low-skilled workers. Samar explored the position of European Economic Area nationals during and after the post-Brexit transition period. 

Samar also outlined the basic requirements for each new visa type as well as general trends including increased automation and a shift in focus for immigration enforcement. The webinar also considered the likely pitfalls posed by the failure to provide sufficiently for low-skilled and part-time workers. 

The online session was interactive and helped the audience to develop a strategy to maintain access to talent. Whether you have HR duties in a large organisation or you are a self-employed non-UK national, the webinar will help you learn how to prepare for the UK’s future immigration system



Samar Shams: Partner (Immigration and Global Mobility)

If you would like to watch the webinar please click here