Calling Recruitment partners: Join Our Success Story

As our law firm continues its impressive growth, our relationships with recruitment partners are flourishing in tandem.

Our recruitment business partners are integral to our growth story. They understand our values, invest their energy, and strategically collaborate with us. Together, we're shaping the future of Spencer West
Antoine West

Our Value Proposition:

With the invaluable support of our recruitment business partners, we consistently attract senior lawyers and dynamic teams across both core and specialised practice areas.

We’ve crafted an industry-leading recruitment fee proposition designed to reward and incentivise your integral role in our growth journey while concurrently expanding your own business horizons.

Our fee structure is not only straightforward and transparent but also generously remunerative. It stands out as one of the most competitive among firms with similar fee-sharing structures.

Working Together:

At Spencer West, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with, highly responsive, creative, and wholeheartedly committed to the growth and success of our firm. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures that the right lawyers can join as swiftly as required.

Rapid Progress:

Our recruitment business partners consistently praise us for being the quickest and most responsive law firm when it comes to advancing lawyer transitions. Join us, and be part of a team that’s setting the pace in the legal recruitment landscape.

Join us as a recruitment partner and benefit from our generous fees, strategic collaboration, and a shared vision for Spencer West's growth.

Elevate Your Recruitment Partnership

Our Generous Recruitment Fees: 

At Spencer West, we’ve meticulously crafted a straightforward, market-leading recruitment fee structure that is both generous and rewarding. We value partners who invest time in understanding our firm and share our vision for growth.

Strategic Collaboration: 

Our recruitment business partners often place multiple lawyers within our firm and work with us on a strategic and ongoing basis.

Join Our Journey: 

To explore the benefits of our market-leading recruitment fee structure, please reach out to our executive recruitment team via email at We’re eager to discuss how we can collaborate effectively.

Submit Candidates: 

We encourage our recruitment business partners to introduce lawyers and teams eager to join our ranks. You can submit applications through this website or send them to

Become a Recruitment Partner: 

If you’re interested in becoming a recruitment business partner, please contact us at to explore potential opportunities for collaboration.

Streamlined Application Process: 

Applications made through this website are promptly reviewed by our executive recruitment team. A copy will be forwarded to your email for your records. Rest assured, once we receive an application, our team will swiftly follow up with you to advance the process.