I have not regretted making the switch. The future is exciting and I can't wait to see where we go next as a firm.
Spencer West gives me the freedom to work when and how I want plus I have a wonderful group of friends and colleagues to work and socialise with.
A strong collegiate culture supported by agile technology has enabled me to provide a more responsive and cost effective service to my clients and clients referred to me by colleagues.
It is a great way of working for yourself, without the administrative burdens of working for yourself.
The firm has all the good elements of a traditional law firm and not the bad elements. I enjoy the freedom to run my practice as I see fit alongside the ability to work with likeminded colleagues.
A collegiate atmosphere without the heavy hand of large firm management.
Spencer West provides me with the freedom and flexibility to serve clients in the way that best suits them.
I joined Spencer West because of its unique collaborative team approach and perspective. I have found all the Spencer West team to be warm and welcoming and open to collaboration opportunities - it’s been great!
Spencer West is a modern firm that has grasped the challenges of how to adapt to a changing working world.