We do not believe the heart of the firm needs to be a physical space; however, we do know that physical connections create the essence of our culture. The importance of real-life connections cannot be overstated, and at Spencer West, we seek to foster that essence in a myriad of ways. Our commitment to a flexible workspace doesn't diminish the value we place on in-person interactions; it amplifies the significance of genuine human connections, weaving the fabric of our collaborative spirit.
Antoine West Managing Partner

Monthly Partner Meeting

At Spencer West, we value the importance of connection, collaboration, and continuous improvement within our firm. Our monthly Partners’ meetings are held both in person at our City of London office and online, ensuring accessibility for all. These gatherings offer a platform for colleagues to come together and hear about the latest firmwide developments. They’re not just meetings; they’re opportunities to foster relationships, share insights, and connect with your peers.

After our monthly meetings, we invite our Partners to unwind and network further at Finch’s, a local London pub near our office. It’s an opportunity to relax, socialise, and discover like-minded colleagues for potential collaborations, fostering strong bonds and a sense of unity.

In addition to these monthly Partners’ meetings, we encourage practice area groups to convene regularly. These gatherings provide a dedicated space for in-depth collaboration with your peers, sharing the latest legal insights, and devising strategies for business development.

At Spencer West, we foster an environment where senior lawyers can thrive and grow together, making your journey with us more than just a career – it’s a true partnership experience.