Anne Mannix calls for better legal protection for menopausal women in We Are The City

Anne Mannix
1 November 2021

We Are The City has featured an article by our Employment Partner Anne Mannix, discussing how the law is failing women going through menopause.

The article explains that many employers are not aware of the situation because a lot of people experiencing symptoms suffer in silence, while other employers choose not to take effective steps that can help.

Anne notes that “Many would rather leave than have to discuss menopause with their manager. Others may be afraid that they will (and often do) receive adverse treatment, much of the time through ignorance,” and offers a possible legal solution of a new protected characteristic: ‘menopause discrimination’.

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Anne Mannix
Partner - Employment
Anne Mannix is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in employment law, partnership law, business protection and the employment aspects of corporate deals, restructuring and redundancy.