Emma Gross writes about retaining staff during the cost-of-living crisis in HR News

Emma Gross
17 January 2023

With the cost of living crisis impacting all our lives, businesses are finding many employees are searching for better pay and benefits elsewhere. 

Taking a look at how businesses can encourage staff retention, Employment Law Partner Emma Gross shares her top tips in her article published in HR News.

Focusing on ensuring employees feel valued, incentivised and purposeful, Emma outlines 10 simple ideas that business owners should consider, stating: “As an employer, do not underestimate the importance of staff retention. Happy and valued staff are more inclined to work harder and produce results.” Following up with: “Remember, talent breeds talent and the cost of unnecessary advertising and recruitment in this market is not to be sniffed at.”

Read the article here.

Emma Gross
Partner – Employment, Data Protection
Emma Gross is a Partner Solicitor at Spencer West. She specialises in Complex employment tribunal cases, data protection and the GDPR, negotiating settlements and advising on fair and reasonable redundancy procedures.